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Sexual difficulties and testosterone deficiency are both common. Book an appointment today and start on the road to a happier, fuller and healthier life supported by a highly experienced medical and psychological team who are experts in this field and treat patients from all over the UK.



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Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction

The Leger Clinic was initially established in 1987 treating males with erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Today, we offer treatment and hope for males and females suffering from a wide variety of sexual problems.

Who we can help

The Clinic with best psychosexual therapists offers assessment and treatment for the following conditions:
o Testosterone deficiency
o Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
o Premature ejaculation
o Orgasm difficulties in women and men
o Diabetics – male or female with sexual Difficulties

Testosterone Deficiency

A very important medical condition which can be very misunderstood by most Doctors in the UK and can be very difficult to get treatment for under the NHS.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

E.D. is common. At least one in ten men over 40 have an erection problem, so you are not alone. In type 2 diabetics, about 80% suffer with erectile dysfunction.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is a common problem for many women, at some time and which has been ignored for far too long. Don't wait any longer.

Diabetic Sexual Dysfunction Specialist

Dr. Doug Savage

A former GP, now working entirely in the field of sexual medicine and testosterone deficiency. He has run a clinic based at St. Vincent’s Medical Centre for 30 years.

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Renowned UK, European and British Testosterone Doctor with 30 years’ experience


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