Your Consultation

First Appointment

Your first appointment will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and will be a virtual appointment on either Teams, Zoom or WhatsApp. After a full assessment has been made, you will be advised of all treatment options.

Lifestyle advice will be given where necessary.

Please have available a list of ongoing regular medication you are taking ready for your consultation and send over any RELEVANT BLOOD RESULTS PRIOR TO YOUR CONSULTATION. Please email for a list of blood tests required.


Almost all sexual problems are treatable. Only 1 appointment may be necessary for certain conditions but the treatment of testosterone deficiency requires on-going monitoring by regular blood tests combined with reviewing of your bloods by one of the clinical team and this is usually one of our specialist testosterone nurses.

We generally advise that your prescription is fulfilled by one of the specialist online pharmacies used by the Clinic. For some of the testosterone products they are only available from these specialist online pharmacies and are not available on the high street. The pharmacies we use have been selected by us for best prices available and the quality of the customer service provided. In some cases, a written private prescription may be posted to you and this can be taken to any pharmacy, so that you can shop around on price. Please remember that The Leger Clinic does not put any mark up on medication so you can be assured that the price you pay is the best available at the time.

If psychosexual therapy is recommended the usual course consists of 6 – 8 sessions. For more complex cases further appointments may be necessary.

Why me?

Both sexual difficulties and testosterone deficiency are both common.

Physical illness, anxiety and relationship breakdown can all be contributing factors in causing a sexual problem.

A number of drugs prescribed for medical conditions can also be a contributory factor. However, it is important to assess these drugs individually and not to simply stop them without medical advice.

Age is unimportant in deciding whether or not to seek help. We have experience in working with individuals who are not currently in a relationship, as many individuals feel they can’t pursue a relationship if they have a sexual difficulty.

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