Dr. Savage Reports on Testosterone Treatment and Prostate Cancer

Dr. Savage reports back from the webinar held by the European Society of Sexual Medicine 19th & 20th February 21 – Testosterone Treatment and Prostate Cancer.

A study in Germany in 2016 showed that 83% of doctors felt that testosterone treatment may cause an increased rate of prostate cancer despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest this.

There is no association between the level of testosterone in the blood stream and the incidence of prostate cancer, if anything the suggestion is that in patients at time of diagnosis of prostate cancer that those with the lowest level of testosterone are likely to be more aggressive cancers.

Testosterone therapy does noPost Radical Prostatectomy. Highlights from European Society of Sexual Medicine.t change the incidence of prostate cancer, most experts in the world now agree that testosterone treatment can be started after treatment for prostate cancer with people varying in how cautious their approach is. EAU guidelines in 2019 state that the patient should be at least after initial treatment and that the patient should have a Gleason <8 score, however, interestingly a recent study showed that in patients who had been treated for prostate cancer and followed up after 6 years and who were suffering from testosterone deficiency the untreated group of patients had a much higher biochemical recurrence of their prostate cancer than in those who had been on testosterone treatment.

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