How do I know if I have testosterone deficiency Syndrome? (TDS)

It is important to remember that there are many different signs and symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency and these can vary between different men. The list below shows examples of the signs and symptoms commonly associated with it.

Again, please remember that if you do suffer with one or some of these symptoms, it does not mean that you definitely have TDS – other illnesses can cause the symptoms. Our Doctor is the best person to confirm whether you have low levels of testosterone by measuring it. When talking to the Doctor it is important to remind them of all your current and previous illnesses and medications – because these may be related to low testosterone levels.

Low mood (feeling depressed)

Brain fog/poor concentration

Unusual or excessive tiredness/lack of energy

Reduced muscle mass and /or strength

Increased body fat



Reduced sex drive, possible erection problems SEXUAL FUNCTION

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