Testosterone deficiency in Type 2 diabetes

Don’t Leave it too late

Testosterone deficiency is especially common in this group of patients with about 40% of them suffering from the condition although sadly in the UK most of these patients are undiagnosed and therefore untreated.

A lot of patients just attribute their symptoms of poor health to their diabetes and also sadly testosterone measurements are rarely done by their doctors or lowish levels acted upon.

This is particularly sad as in other patients these patients quality of life is severely affected but also now there ae several large research studies that have been reported upon showing how dangerous it is for a diabetic to have this condition not treated.  The results from the largest study done in the world in diabetics which has been going on in the Midlands in the UK – THE BLAST STUDY alarmingly has shown that 20% of the patients in the study with low testosterone that was not treated have died within 5 years of the start of the study, whereas in the patients that were treated with testosterone the death rate was only 3.7%.

The Leger Clinic