How is my testosterone level measured?

Your testosterone level is preferably measured on 2 different occasions taken in the morning. Pituitary hormone levels and SHBG measurements are required to make a full diagnosis and in men over 45 years of age of Prostate blood test (PSA) is required for safety reasons. It is often a good idea to check thyroid function as under active thyroid is another common condition with similar symptoms.

If you do not have blood results then you can use Medichecks, you would need the Medichecks Advanced TRT blood test @ £149. There is a link to Medichecks below and you will receive a 10% discount if you book a test via the website.  You could also ask your GP if they would be willing to do them, in which case you would need to advise them to test the following:  SHBG, LH, FSH. Prolactin, Testosterone and full blood count

Enter the code LEGER10 when prompted.

Please make sure that bloods are taken before 11am in the morning.

Please note that typically you would then need bloods again about a month after commencement of testosterone treatment, then 3 months, then 6 months but this would only need to be testosterone oestradiol and full blood count (Medichecks Sports Hormone Blood test – £99) and then twice yearly you would additionally need cholesterol. If you are a man over 50 (45 if you are at high risk and this will be discussed during your consultation) you would also need a PSA blood test twice a year.

Once you are on testosterone treatment, if this is by injection you should always get “trough” levels i.e. in the 48 hour period BEFORE an injection is due NOT in the 48 hours post injection. If you are on gel treatment, the blood test should be 2 – 4 hours after the gel has been applied.

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