Highlights of the European Society of Sexual Medicine Meeting in Slovenia February 2019

Interesting developments for Female Sexual Dysfunction

3 products are in advanced stage of development.

  1.  Bremelanotide – this has finished its clinical trials and application is about to be heard at the American Licensing Authority. The results of the trials look promising to treat low libido. As I see it, the main disadvantage is, it has to be given by injection before a likely sexual encounter. Would women want to give themselves an injection to improve their sex drive for just that one sexual encounter? We will keep you posted about it and welcome your comments and thoughts by email enquiries@legerclinic.co.uk
  2. Lybrido – this is a mixture of testosterone and Sildenafil (Viagra) which dissolves in the mouth. 2 studies have been completed with promising results.
  3. Lybridos – which is made up of Testosterone and Buspirone.

These preparations are not yet available and we could be looking at over a year before they arrive in Europe but of course Testosterone and Sildenafil are available from the Leger Clinic now. To make an appointment and discuss this with a specialist Doctor, visit the website www.legerclinic.co.uk to make an appointment

Some exciting news for Type 2 diabetes, taking a combination of a statin, a PDE5inhibitor for example, Sildenafil and Testosterone improves the patients survival 4-fold and in 70 – 80 year olds, 5 times better survival.  Some worrying statistics came from a study carried out by Professor Hugh Jones in Barnsley, which showed that in a population of Type 2 diabetic followed up over 7 years:

20% had died in the patients with untreated testosterone deficiency

9% had died with normal testosterone levels

and most significantly only 9% had died who had their testosterone deficiency treated. 

The sad fact is that most Type 2 diabetics are not having their testosterone levels measured, let alone treated in the UK!

Why is the UK not following guidelines from leading American societies of Endocrinologists i.e. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology in their clinical practice guidelines executive summary state

  1. All men with increased waist circumference or who are obese, should be assessed for testosterone deficiency
  2. All male patients with type 2 diabetes should be evaluated to assess if they have testosterone deficiency

If you are type 2 diabetic and have any concerns about these issues,  please have a look at Testosterone deficiency in Type 2 diabetes

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