Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual dysfunction

Female Sexual dysfunction is a common problem ignored for too long, again effective treatments are now available, especially the use of testosterone in post-menopausal women.

Psychosexual therapy can be very beneficial for women who are experiencing sexual difficulties.

Psychosexual therapy still remains the main treatment option for women.

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Low sexual desire

Female sexual dysfunction is a common problem for many women, at some time and which has been ignored for far too long.  It affects 1 in 3 pre-menopausal women and 1 in 2 after the menopause. Most sexual problems have more than one cause, the good news is that most women can be helped.

The Leger Clinic, having both doctors and psychosexual therapists offer a holistic approach combining medical and therapy options.

Sex is an important part of our well-being and going well leaves us with the “feel good factor”. However, when it goes wrong, it can leave us feeling rejected, unattractive and frustrated which can often impact into our daily lives.

Firstly, there may be a medical problem, for example diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances or depression / mental health issues. However, for most women there is a psychological element, most common causes for women include:

  • Not enough time to relax, leading to a lack of desire for sexual activity
  • General stress and pressures of life
  • Resentment towards a partner, not feeling valued
  • Lack of confidence sexually
  • Poor communication within the relationship
  • Hormonal changes with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and child birth


Sometimes talking about it with a partner can make matters more difficult, building more frustration and a “blame” culture. Most couples find talking to a 3rd person makes all the difference, particularly when the person has vast amounts of experience in dealing with the difficulties suffered.

Sex and relationship therapy is extremely successful, allowing the opportunity in a safe environment with an open and non-judgemental confident therapist will give you guidance and suggestions to rekindle the spark, encourage and improve communication between couples and learn new love making techniques.

Most women don’t have a specific medical problem, their loss of desire is inextricably tied to life style. Take the average woman, bringing up children, working and looking after a home, by the time she goes to bed she is exhausted and the last thing on her mind is sex.

The average man, however, may have all the same responsibilities but when he goes to bed he has 10 times more testosterone in his body, so he will still want to be sexual!

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