FAQ’s Testosterone Deficiency

Q. What do I get for my monthly patient support fee?

A. Good question. Access to a renowned team of specialist Testosterone Doctors who and who regularly attend British, European and World meetings ensuring you get the best medical advice, with up to the minute information and care from Clinicians who can immediately implement new treatments, thinking and medication.

i. Providing private prescriptions for you to get dispensed at a pharmacy of your choice so saving you a great deal of money as this will enable you to shop round on price. Please note that Leger Clinic does not sell the medications directly to you meaning that the clinic does not “mark-up” the cost of your prescription.

ii.Responding to your email queries, any side effects queries, commenting on your blood results and general progress with your treatment.

iii. With your permission, writing to your GP asking if they will do your monitoring blood tests and if they are prepared to prescribe for you on the recommendation of the Leger Clinic Doctors. 

Q. What about blood tests are they included in the monthly patient support fee?

A. This is a slightly more complex area. As a part of this fee, we will write to your GP and ask them if they will support you in doing the appropriate blood tests and even ask them if they will consider prescribing. About half of all GP’s will support these blood test. However, you need to be aware that if they will not assist you will need to get blood tests done privately with a company such as Medichecks.

Q.What does my first Consultation cost?

The fee for initial consultations is £195

Q. What does my first Consultation involve?

A.You will have a telephone consultation with one of the specialist Doctors at the Clinic. The Consultation generally lasts about 45 minutes on the phone and includes a detailed history, taking an AMS questionnaire. Blood tests will need forwarding prior to consultation to enquiries@legerclinic.co.uk There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions during this telephone Consultation. We will also explain and we will discuss the various treatment options.  For this reason, we do not require detailed emails prior to your consultation. Equally in the first year you will be reviewed either by email or phone at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months minimum this will give you plenty of opportunity to discuss any issues and concerns with us. We find that patients do not really need to be in touch with us apart from at these review periods.

Q. Do you just offer Gels?

A. No, the Leger Clinic offers a full range of appropriate treatments including: Chlomiphene, Gels and injections including the use of HCG when appropriate. These will all be discussed in detail at your Consultation.

Q. Do you offer Aromatase Inhibitors?

A.Yes, as and when appropriate.

Q. How do I get My prescriptions?

A. Uniquely for Testosterone Clinics, one of the doctors will issue you with a private prescription. This means you can shop round for the pharmacy which will offer the best price. SAVING YOU A GREAT DEAL OF MONEY

Q. I have heard that testosterone treatment can cause cancer of the Prostate, is this true?

A. NO, this is a myth and indeed has been a medical myth for some years. Bizarrely, the very latest evidence suggests that men with very low levels of testosterone are more likely to get a more aggressive form of Prostate Cancer if untreated for their testosterone deficiency.

Q. Are there any fringe benefits to taking TRT apart from the sexual ones?

A. Yes, apart from improving you sexually there are a number of benefits which are now beginning to emerge from men who have been taking TRT long term. Among these are:

  • Improvements to your cardiovascular system
  • Improvements to your cognitive function and memory
  • Increased mineral bone density to help prevent fractures.
  • Increased muscle mass and decreased body fat

All that said it is a mistake to expect miracles. The benefits from TRT are often subtle and mild and TAKE TIME!

Not necessarily life transforming but rather life enhancing.

Q.What is a “normal” level of testosterone?

A. Surprisingly, this is where there is such disagreement which leads generally to the diagnosis of TDS being missed. Traditionally, and, the level given out by many NHS laboratories, gives a level of under 8 as being abnormal.

There are now several guidelines European Society of Sexual Medicine, the International Society of Sexual Medicine, The European Society of Urologists and even our own British Society of Sexual Medicine which state that levels of testosterone under 12 warrant a trial of testosterone therapy if the Doctor seeing the patient has a high suspicion that the patient has the condition.

In 2015 a group of leading world Andrologists produced the following statement:

“1. Symptomatic men with total testosterone levels lower than 12 nmol/l should be treated with Testosterone therapy.

2. A trial of testosterone therapy in symptomatic men with total testosterone levels of higher than 12 nmol/l can be considered based upon clinical presentation”

i.e. if a Testosterone specialist such as myself or one of the medical team feels that the clinical picture fits with testosterone deficiency, then a trial is justified

Most experts agree that a patient should also have a calculated free testosterone which is done by measuring the SHBG in addition to testosterone.

Q. Where can I get my blood tests done to check my testosterone levels?

Your first port of all could be your GP who may assist you with the appropriate tests, or alternatively, The Leger Clinic Ltd has negotiated with Medichecks, the country’s leading private blood testing laboratory for a 10% discount for all Leger Clinic patients requiring a blood test for checking their testosterone levels along with other relevant tests such as Thyroid function.

To access this discount all you need to do is follow this link:

medichecks and enter the code LEGER10 when prompted.

Fertility Issues

Q. I have heard that testosterone treatment makes you infertile?

A. If testosterone is used on its own it will markedly reduce fertility. Therefore in patients where fertility is a key issue/concern we would prescribe either Clomifene tablets or more frequently chose to add HCG injections (Gonasi) to their testosterone treatment and to a large degree this will protect their fertility.

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