• Protecting fertility in patients on Testosterone

    Dr. Savage recently attended the Androgen Society Conference in New Orleans. The conference was attended by many of the leading Andrologists in the world. One of the hot topics was protecting fertility in patients on… Read more »

  • Highlights of the European Society of Sexual Medicine Meeting in Slovenia February 2019

    Interesting developments for Female Sexual Dysfunction 3 products are in advanced stage of development.  Bremelanotide – this has finished its clinical trials and application is about to be heard at the American Licensing Authority. The results… Read more »

  • Leger Clinic brings you discounted blood tests from Medichecks

    The Leger Clinic Ltd has negotiated with Medichecks, the country’s leading private blood testing laboratory for a 10% discount for all Leger Clinic patients requiring a blood test for checking their testosterone levels along with… Read more »

  • The Truth… are we all being poisoned by agents that reduce Testosterone?

    The term Endocrine Disrupters (EDC) was first coined in 1991 at the Wingspread Conference Centre in Racine, Wisconsin. At this meeting researchers from several different disciplines came to the consensus that “a large number of… Read more »

  • Testosterone as effective as antidepressants for men?

    An article in The Times  last year stated, “Testosterone is as effective as the use of antidepressants for men with depression, according to an overview of research. Doctors should consider Testosterone as an alternative to… Read more »

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