Orgasm Difficulties

Not being able to orgasm can be very distressing for women and their partners. However, it is important to establish whether you have ever had an orgasm either alone through masturbation or with a partner at some time.

Although there are a number of physical causes that can effect orgasm such as; damage to the nervous system e.g multiple sclerosis or surgery or trauma. Also certain medications, depression and the menopause can also be a factor. Sometimes in these situations a good lubricant and or a vibrator can be particularly helpful.

However, in most cases it is due to psychological causes. Orgasm involves letting go of control and some women find this very difficult as it makes them feel vulnerable. Sometimes women find it difficult to show or tell their partners how they like to be touched. Lots of women fake orgasm because they feel it is taking too long and then they feel they have to continue doing this, so as to not make their partner feel bad!

Being aware of your own body is so important because if you don’t know what works for you then how do you show or tell someone else! It is also important to take into account whether you feel safe and respected in the relationship and that there aren’t other distractions going on or negative memories that could be a factor.

A common myth is that women should be able to orgasm with just penetrative sex; however, the truth is that most women need clitoral stimulation as well.

Whatever the reason the staff at the Leger Clinic are qualified to help with this condition; the therapists are highly skilled and have helped many women overcome this common problem.

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