Menopause & HRT

Menopause and HRT  - Are you confused about the risks of HRT?

Do you feel your doctor did not have enough time to discuss the pros and cons of HRT? Come and see us at The Leger Clinic, where you will be given sufficient time to discuss fully and in detail your symptoms, along with the pros and cons of HRT.

An appointment lasts 45 minutes. The British Menopause Society sums up HRT with this statement: “Given appropriately, the benefits of HRT outweigh any risks and its use should not be restricted.” The use of HRT has dropped recently following negative publicity that exaggerated the risks, sadly further analysis of the data from some research studies that tempered the findings was not given equal attention.

HRT is not desired or necessary for every woman, but it is important to note that further studies found that HRT, which is an excellent way of treating menopausal symptoms, is less harmful in women under 60 than was previously thought, and can have long term benefits. A recent study on the safety of HRT showed that the use of lower dose oestrogen patches or gel produced no increased risk of a stroke, but that oestrogen tablets increased the risk of a stroke by 28%.

For this reason, The Leger Clinic would always recommend patches or gels. A further advantage here is that patches and gel do not increase the risk of thrombosis in calf veins – another concern held by many women. If combined HRT is required, The Leger Clinic recommends the use of the progestogen, utrogestan; which is shown to have a lower incidence of breast cancer than conventional progestogens.

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