Low Sexual Desire

Female Sexual Dysfunction is a common problem that has been ignored for far too long. It affects one in three pre-menopausal women and one in two after the menopause. Most sexual problems have more than one cause, the good news is that most can be helped. The Leger Clinic, having both a doctor and psychosexual therapist, can offer you a full exploration of your difficulties and how to overcome them. A number of effective and low cost treatments are now available:


Psychosexual Therapy

Low Sexual DesireSex is an important part of our well being and when going well leaves us with the "feel good factor". However, as with all important things in life when it goes wrong it can be disastrous! Leaving us feeling rejected, unattractive and frustrated which can often impact into our daily lives

Firstly there maybe a medical problem, for example diabetes, high blood pressure or hormone imbalance, however, for most women there is a psychological element. Most common causes for women include:

Not enough time to relax therefore not becoming aroused enough resulting in lack of desire for future sexual activity.

General stress and pressures of life

Resentments towards a partner, not feeling valued.

Lack of confidence sexually.

Poor communication within the relationship.

Hormone changes with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth.

Sometimes talking about it with a partner can make matters more difficult, building more frustration and a blame culture. Most couples find talking to a third person makes all the difference, particularly when the person has vast amounts of experience of dealing with the difficulties you are suffering.

Sex and relationship therapy is extremely successful; allowing the opportunity in a safe environment with an open and non judgemental confident therapist will give you guidance and suggestions to rekindle the spark. Encourage and improve communication between couples and learn new lovemaking techniques.

Most women don't have "mechanical" problems; their loss of desire is inextricably tied to lifestyle. Take the average woman, bringing up children, working and looking after a home, by the time she goes to bed she is exhausted and the last thing on her mind is sex!

The average man however, may have all the same responsibilities and although he too is tired when he goes to bed he has 10 times more Testosterone in his body, so he will still want to be sexual!

Individuals who have sexual difficulties such as Premature Ejaculation, difficulties with Orgasm can also be treated successfully through psychosexual therapy, using a Cognitive Behavioral Approach.

Same sex relationships and sexuality and gender issues often make it even more difficult to seek help. Our therapist is non judgemental and feels passionately about equal opportunities and freedom of choice. She has a great deal of experience in this area of work.

Our clients come from all walks of life and each difficulty is unique. Our aim is to enable our clients to adjust and transform their lives into one which provides happiness and satisfaction.


Testosterone Treatment for Women

It has been known for many years that giving testosterone to women with low sexual desire may effectively treat the condition. For many years implants were the treatment used, then in latter years a testosterone patch called Intrinsa, however unfortunately neither of these treatments are available in the UK – they have been withdrawn for commercial reasons, not because of any concern about safety. So what is available? Most sexual medicine specialists now prescribe testosterone skin gel. These products such as Testogel, Testim and Tostran are primarily used for men suffering from testosterone deficiency but can be effective and safe in women, but of course a much lower dose is used.  They are effective for many women – especially pre-menopausal who have had their ovaries removed or post-menopausal women. They are very safe with very little risk of side-effects. These products can be purchased from The Leger Clinic at very low cost.


Side Effects

Skin irritation from the patch , increased facial hair, skin greasiness, hair thinning and voice deepening are rare, generally minor and self-limiting if the treatment is stopped.

Most reassuring was that only 8% of patients on trials of Intrinsa withdrew from the drug trials due to side effects.

Cost: £13 for one months supply

Although testosterone treatment can influence sexual desire in some women, it is important to take into account that not every sexual problem women have can be treated medicinally.

A very important detail mustn't be overlooked. For women sexual satisfaction is much more complex than for men. A low libido is only one of the many problems women have and a low testosterone level is only one of the possible causes. Although testosterone occupies an important place in treating female sexual disorders, there will probably never be one "pill" that will solve all women's sexual problems. Female sexuality is too closely connected with feelings and relationships for an all-in-one medicinal treatment.

Female Menopause

Coping With Menopause