Low Sexual Desire

Female Sexual Dysfunction is a common problem that has been ignored for far too long. It affects one in three pre-menopausal women and one in two after the menopause. Most sexual problems have more than one cause, the good news is that most can be helped. The Leger Clinic, having both a doctor and psychosexual therapist, can offer you a full exploration of your difficulties and how to overcome them. A number of effective and low cost treatments are now available:


Psychosexual Therapy

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Arousal Problems

Viagra For Women

Though very effective for men with existing difficulties there are only some women with female sexual dysfunctions that are helped.

This is mainly women with arousal (lubrication) problems - the drug will increase blood flow to the genitals improving lubrication. They do not help women with desire problems.

An independent study revealed that Viagra produces some improvements in arousal and satisfaction but only for women who have physically based sexual disorders.

Cost: Viagra 50mg - packet of 4 tablets - £8.

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Menopause & HRT

Menopause and HRT  - Are you confused about the risks of HRT?

Do you feel your doctor did not have enough time to discuss the pros and cons of HRT? Come and see us at The Leger Clinic, where you will be given sufficient time to discuss fully and in detail your symptoms, along with the pros and cons of HRT.

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Orgasm Difficulties

Not being able to orgasm can be very distressing for women and their partners. However, it is important to establish whether you have ever had an orgasm either alone through masturbation or with a partner at some time.

Although there are a number of physical causes that can effect orgasm such as; damage to the nervous system e.g multiple sclerosis or surgery or trauma. Also certain medications, depression and the menopause can also be a factor. Sometimes in these situations a good lubricant and or a vibrator can be particularly helpful.

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Female Menopause

Coping With Menopause