Arousal Problems

Viagra For Women

Though very effective for men with existing difficulties there are only some women with female sexual dysfunctions that are helped.

This is mainly women with arousal (lubrication) problems - the drug will increase blood flow to the genitals improving lubrication. They do not help women with desire problems.

An independent study revealed that Viagra produces some improvements in arousal and satisfaction but only for women who have physically based sexual disorders.

Cost: Viagra 50mg - packet of 4 tablets - £8.


A natural product has been used for many years for male erection difficulties but has been superseded by Viagra.

Yocon also has a stimulating action and may help both women and men with low sexual drive.

Dosage and Administration: Oral tablet (5.4mm) 3 times a day.

Side Effects: Occasional nausea, dizziness or nervousness.

Cost: £40 for 100 tablets.

Female Menopause

Coping With Menopause